Nanofiltration (NF) is a pressure-driven, porous membrane separation process. NF membranes have a pore size on the order of one nanometer and a typical molecular weight cut-off of 300−500 Da. NF membranes are either positively or negatively charged depending on the feed chemistry and the functional groups forming the surface, and their separation performance is governed by the interplay of steric effects (size exclusion), electrostatic effects (Donnan exclusion), and dielectric exclusion. NF membranes are particularly valuable for water softening applications, in which divalent ions are to be removed from polyelectrolytes.

Our group has focused on modeling transport and separation for various NF membranes, in order to learn how to better design and use NF for selective separation processes. Some of these studies have been done in collaboration with membrane fabricators at the Singapore Membrane Technology Center.

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Predicted effect of pore size on a nanofiltration membrane's ion rejection.

Predicted effect of pore size on a nanofiltration membrane’s ion rejection from a synthetic seawater solution. Negative rejection of Na+ results from requirement of electroneutrality in the permeate (Labban et al., 2018)

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