Resource Recovery

Seawater, ground water, desalination brines, and produced water all contain useful minerals. Our group is interested in technology to recover salts, metals, and industrial chemicals. We have explored selective electrodialysis, direct electrosynthesis, bipolar membrane electrodialysis, and zero-liquid discharge hybrid systems for this purpose.

Selected Papers of Resource Recovery from Saline Water

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Schematic illustration of different sources of brine for the DE-BMED process.

Schematic illustration of different sources of brine for the DE-BMED process. At top right, brine is produced through desalinating seawater. At bottom, salt brines are created by desalinating brackish ground water or through salt mining. Finally, on the left-hand side, treated industrial waste water effluent may also produce brine as a by-product (Kumar et al., Nature Catalysis, 2019)

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