Solvent-Driven Resource Extraction

In solvent-driven resource extraction from brines, the saline feed is contacted with a partially water-miscible organic solvent, leading to the formation of two distinct liquid phases at thermodynamic equilibrium. Water is extracted up to thermodynamic equilibrium across the organic-aqueous liquid interface, with dissolved electrolytes remaining in the concentrated brine due to the low dielectric constant of the organic solvent. DME is an ideal organic solvent for its partial water miscibility and molecular characteristics conducive to near-complete salt rejection and efficient recovery of water. Advanced thermodynamic systems with DME can mitigate the scaling propensity on heat and mass exchangers, and exploit the high volatility of DME for ultra-low-grade heat usage.

Selected Papers

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Cover Page and 2023 PCCP HOT Article.

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Cover Page and Feature Review.

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Schematic process diagrams for practical implementation of solvent-driven separation processes

Schematic process diagrams for practical implementation of solvent-driven separation processes (Foo et al., Trends in Chemistry, 2022).